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Our Service Offerings

Let NexCen transforms the way you do business by optimizing and aligning IT operations with business goals.


We ensure maximum value realization for ERP/CRM related IT investment by deploying proprietery NexCen's Value Realization Model and Methodologies, identifying areas of operational improvement and unrealized value potential, mitigate your risks, reduce the cost to ownership and deliver faster returns. Read more...

Big Data

Data, in today’s world, is indispensable. The Big Data technologies and initiatives are rising to analyze this data for gaining insights that help in making strategic decisions. Big Data refers to vast and voluminous data sets that may be structured or unstructured. NexCen offers data analytics, data modeling, data mining, and data streaming services. Read more...


Web/Mobile Development

We design and develop a broad range of web interfaces and products from scratch. Nexcen enables its customers to bring various products on Web and mobile application domain in the market with contributing in design, development, maintenance, enhancement and testing of web/mobile applications...Read more Web | Mobile

HR & Payroll

Nexcen offers complete and comprehensive HR & Payroll solution services, Cloud based, End-to-End and Hassle-free. Preeminent Business Solutions(PBS), NexCen’s HR & payroll services division takes care of not just day-to-day activities like attendance via biometrics, calculate unlimited salary components, generate pay-slips, Salary, PF, ESI, Tax reports, TDS challans, Form-16, e-TDS and so on, we also take care of Tax Filing, GST and Returns Read more...

Software Development

With a solid team of software professionals from various backgrounds Nexcen offers a wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies in mobility and web technologies. Specifically, our company carries out custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/ intranet software application development. Read more...


Offshoring & Outsourcing

Based on critical factors, Nexcen identify and prioritize applications to optimize, consolidate, migrate & modernize, decommission or outsource, aligned to client's business objectives, operational priorities, technical standards, and financial constraints.NexCen has developed an Integrated Outsourcing Service which provides a systematic approach to manage challenges of outsourcing and optimizationRead more...

Our Recent Projects

Big Data Hadoop
Big Data Hadoop Implementation
7th Pay Commission Implementation
7th Pay Commission Implementation
PeopleSoft Implementation
PeopleSoft Implementation
Rapidex Travels
Rapidex Travels: Web Portal


Gracious Words From Our Clients

Manjit Singh

Account Manager, HCL

We were facing challenges in PeopleSoft implementation at one of the major defense client when we decided to engage NexCen. NexCen not only streamlined PeopleSoft implementation but also rectified bugs and shortcomings to streamline and implemented PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM. Now NexCen is supporting the account and everything is running smooth, thanks to NexCen!

R K Purohit

Resident Director, Anand Rathi Group

At Anand Rathi, we were facing tough challenges in handling huge volume of transaction data and keeping user portfolios updated. NexCen took the challenge and implemented Big Data / Hive / Spark and cut the processing time significantly. We are impressed with their professionalism, commitment and work ethics. Now engaging NexCen in other units as well.

Pankaj Dubey

Deputy Director, IGNOU

We have PeopleSoft implemented but it was highly customized and with government’s directive to implement 7th pay commission it was a tough challenge to incorporate 7CPC recommendation in highly customized system with no Oracle support. Nexcen took the challenge, prepared and streamlined the system for 7CPC by configuring and automating Step-based Segmentation, Retro Pay, Proration, HBA Loans, Compensation etc. and implemented 7CP in record time without any issue so far.

Nitin mangal

CEO, Rapidex Travels

At Rapidex Travels, our most of the business is done via online and hence it was critical to have well organized functional ecommerce travel site. Thanks to Nexcen for creating beautiful travel portal for us with many new features and configuration options. Even now they are always willing to accommodate new features or options. Very nice experience.

Ila Kumar


I’m a poet, an artist and wanted to have web presence where I can publish some of my poems, and can give glimpse of my work to the visitors. Thanks to NexCen for giving me a better outcome then I even anticipated. Best part about NexCen is they are professionals, know their work and still very humble and accommodating. Thank You!

Rajiv Shukla

CEO, Globtier Infotech

At Globtier, we always seek NexCen’s assistance in high tech or niche projects and proposals. Have executed many projects along with NexCen and it was always a pleasant experience. Their recommendations and solutions are always spot on.

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